Sentinel is a state of the art software , sensor components, and, hardware technologies to covertly deploy as a layered multi-sensor platform to detect, recognise and, combat active events including threats before they occur.

Sentinel Home is specifically designed for residential units with a lower hardware and software footprint , and , with reduced capital investment.

Sentinel delivers highly accurate real-time event detections, eliminating the need to rely on the alertness or response discipline of the system’s operator.

Always on Guard

Users define potential events of interest in advance and receive alerts when such events occur, enabling rapid responses to incidents, as they emerge.


Easy-to-use and incredibly intuitive

Traditional, rules-based analytics require heavy preconfiguration and are exceptionally labour intensive.

Sentinel, meanwhile, allows you to see things differently by highlighting in real time, anything abnormal across the camera scene.


AI Assisted Video Surveillance

Can detect an incident before break in occurs by extending the security perimeter. Distinguishes between people/vehicles and background noise ( small animals, foliage ,debris )


Sentinel History

Sentinel was founded in September 2017 as a part of funded research undertaken on an Robotics A.I and Deep Learning Module. The Company’s initial goal was to commercialise the Robot’s A.I Modules – a system utilising custom machine learning/AI software (i.e.: Cognitive Detection).

As our efforts progressed, through market research and end-customer requirements, Sentinel Prime has discovered that there is a critical need to extend the perimeters of today’s public gathering spaces and venues for enhanced threat detection. The Company has determined that due to environmental or architectural factors at a given location a single solution may not offer ideal costs effectiveness or solve all the safety and security needs of a property for combating the very real and growing active threat phenomena.

Since its launch in 2017, the Company has assembled a variety of technologies and specialized components to create a layered, multi-sensor approach to event detection. Today, Sentinel offers a growing number of event and threat detection solutions and components to deliver the most secure access control environment available; from parking lots to building interiors, wherever people and communities gather.


Selected Features

Line/area Crossing

This feature enables effective monitoring of the premises on the basis of movement of persons and un authorised presence. Any infringement is quickly flagged which enables the effective monitoring

Human Detection

Traditional CCTV systems can stream/ record video footage and provide an alert based on movement or heat detection. These alert mechanisms do not have the capability to identify Human presence, which is the primary requirement for any CCTV System. Such alerts are highly ineffective and at times can turn out to be a major nuisance.

Loitering near Gate / Outside House

Sentinel Home has the ability to identify unknown persons loitering at/near the premises and quickly send an alert. This proactive feature assists in preempting adverse actions.

Boundarywall Jumping

Sentinel Home has the ability to secure the boundary/perimeter of a premise and identify persons trying to scale/jump the boundary wall and sent alerts. Such alerts enable proactive identification of probable theft / burgalry and assist in initiating reaction mechanisms immediately.

Door Opening / Breaking

Sentinel Home has the ability to identify unauthorised opening of doors or break ins. These events are flagged and alerts are sent as per the set protocol. These alerts provide better security to the premises

Window Breaking:

Incidents of window breaking are identified by Sentinel Home without the use of any sensors on the windows. Alerts are sent for every such incident.


Sentinel uses your servers and GPUs efficientl, and can scale to monitor thousands of cameras.

Alerts Configuration

Standard configurable alert options to mobile phone, web, and e-911

Real Time Detection

Always be informed with live alerts. Monitor and track all alerts through web dashboard and mobile apps for iOS & Android.

Designed For CCTV

Our platform is designed for IP Cameras/CCTV, we work on any angle camera and in any light condition night or daytime

Learning in the Field

Our platform is designed for CCTV, we work on any angle camera and in any light condition. Algorithm that continuously monitors cameras without reporting too many false positives.

Lightweight Technology

Our algorithms are lightweight and fast, built to operate in real time and keep you safe. We use our own proprietary technology developed from scratch to accelerate cognition.


Our Technology has been featured in


Awarded as top 10 innovative global firms at City of Tomorrow ( New York ) , Featured Company and product at GV Summit, Los Angeles ( USA ) and Top 5 % of companies at Slush Shanghai (China )


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